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Vellco Residential Projects | Case Studies In Northern Virginia

Vellco Solar is a leading solar energy solutions provider with a portfolio of successful projects and case studies showcasing their expertise in solar the design and installation of solar systems for commercial and residential customers.


Rooftop Solar Project In Vienna, Virginia


Rooftop Solar Project In Oakton, Virginia

Vellco | rooftop solar in springfield

Rooftop Solar Project In Springfield, Virginia

Additional Recent Case Studies 2022-2023- Vellco Solar Projects

Roof mount on town homeAlexandria, 223159.36REC 365 Alpha Black79%4/26/2023
Roof mountAshburn, 2014712.05REC 365 Alpha Black100%5/20/2023
Roof mountVienna, 221819.92Aptos DNA 440W Black95%6/8/2023
Roof mountOakton, 2212411REC 365 Alpha Black100%6/10/2023
Roof mountLovettsville, 201808.075Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo65%6/15/2023
45-panel ground mountPurcellville, 2013219.8Aptos DNA 440W Black54%9/1/2023
Roof mount on energy-efficient SIPS constructionEdinburg, 228248.5Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo99%5/20/2023
Roof mount, new constructionWarrenton, 2018710.2Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo98%9/27/2023
Roof Mount w 3.6kW batteryWinchester, 2260218.275Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo96%8/2/2023
Roof mountStanardsville, 2297317Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo87%7/29/2023
Roof mountStephens City, 2265517.6Aptos DNA 440W Black100%2/1/2023
Roof mountMaurertown, 2264418.7Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo96%9/12/2023
Roof mount w 1kW batteryLeesburg, 201756.8Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo32%7/30/2023
System expansion – roof mountFairfax, 220305.72Aptos DNA 440W Black42%1/1/2023
Grid-tied roof with IQ8+ inverter technologyAldie, 2010514.08Aptos DNA 440W Black117%11/4/2023
Grid-tied roof mountVienna, 221805.28Aptos DNA 440W Black87%12/9/2023
Grid-tied roof & off-grid ground mount w 3.6kWh batteryVienna, 221806.325Q-Cell 425 Peak Duo80.00%1/1/2023
Roof & ground mountBerryville, 2261119.84LG NeON 32085%2/2/2022
Solar & new roofStephens City, 2265513.44LG NeON 32095%11/1/2021
Town homeLeesburg, 201755.76LG NeON 32042%12/15/2021
Barn-mountSperryville, 2274011.52LG NeON 32092%3/22/2022
Roof mountAshburn, 2014713.44LG NeON 32085%2/15/2022
Roof mountStrasburg, 2265710.24LG NeON 32092%3/10/2022