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Providing Reliable Solar Power Throughout Northern Virginia

Providing Reliable Solar Power Throughout Northern Virginia

Vellco Solar offers our solar services throughout Northern Virginia, providing reliable solar energy to homeowners and businesses.

Service Areas In Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a historic and economically diverse region that has seen notable growth in recent years. As energy demand rises in this expanding region, more residents and business owners are adopting solar power as a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Solar energy is a natural fit for Northern Virginia thanks to abundant sunshine and supportive policies like Dominion Energy rebates and state tax incentives. By installing solar panels, Northern Virginians can reduce their carbon footprint and utility bills while increasing property values. For this forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious region that has committed to cutting emissions 50% by 2030, solar energy is an impactful way to achieve climate goals while powering new growth with clean, renewable power. Both longtime and new residents are embracing solar as Northern Virginia charts a bright energy future. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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Residential Solar

From $139 / Per Month

Commercial Solar

From $239 / Per Month

Ground Mount Solar

From $199 / Per Month


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